BSS/UCC presents…The Addams Family

Belle Winner, Morticia, and Sean Manucha, Gomez, with cast of the Addams Family

Belle Winner, Morticia, and Sean Manucha, Gomez, with cast of the Addams Family

Shelby Ochshorn

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The BSS/UCC Production of The Addams Family, although creepy and unusual, was one of the most heartwarming and hilarious musicals ever performed here at BSS. Being the first performance in BSS’ new theatre, The Addams Family had a lot to live up to. With the help of a new and improved sound system and lighting, an unbelievable musical was produced. There was something about the humour in The Addams Family that left everyone in the audience howling as if they were in the Addams’ graveyard.

During Act One, the audience is quickly swept up into the life of the Addams Family and are introduced to a variety of interesting and unique characters such as Gomez, Morticia, and their children, Wednesday and Pugsley. We are acquainted with Uncle Fester, Lurch the butler, and a Grandma who “may not even be a part of the family.” Their abnormality and quirkiness makes these characters so entertaining, especially in the climatic song of “Full Disclosure,” where we get a taste of each family member’s past as they get tangled up in the secret Wednesday and Gomez try desperately to keep from Morticia — that Wednesday is getting married to her boyfriend Lucas.

The Addams Family made good use of the space they had. The set felt so life-like and elaborate, and the eastern and western balconies were used in certain scenes so that the actors could be on different levels. It was very hard not to feel entrenched within the “intoxicating smell of the graveyard,” as the fog machine, lighting, tombstones, everything, was just so lifeless – as it should be.

Grade 12 student, Belle Winner – a usual star in the BSS/UCC classical plays – wowed the audience with her strong performance as Morticia Addams. While she may be the opposite of her character in real life, she managed to deliver a stunning musical performance while exuding the fearless aura of Morticia. Lauren Nathens, a Grade 9 student, was a newcomer to the musical and, deservedly, given a starring role in the production as Wednesday Addams. She nailed her first solo and gave the audience second-hand stress as her character’s secret unfolded. Grade 12 student Daniella Gallay stole the audience’s hearts as Pugsley, Wednesday’s brother. Her impressive vocals gave her the ability to perform effortlessly as well as offering the comedic relief at times. UCC student Sean Manucha, Grade 11, put on a charming performance through his unique character of Gomez, the patriarch of the Addams Family. His inner-monologues left the audience laughing, and his rendition of “Happy Sad” left no audience member dry-eyed. Additionally, the supporting characters carried the weight of comedy in this seemingly dark production. Lurch, played by UCC student Roger Watt, hilariously projected his inner-Frankenstein. Grandmama, played by Grade 12 student Carley Moore, shows us that age is really but a number and that Grandmas can have fun too. Uncle Fester, played by UCC student Kumail Nathoo, made us believe in love again with his portrayal of a man who is in love with the moon. Lastly, the ensemble, made up of the Ancestors of the family, were a great addition to the musical with their stunning vocals and ghostly appearances.

In this (mostly) kid-friendly production, we see the true meaning of honesty, the importance of family, and what it means to be in love. It’s “family first, and family last” in The Addams Family, and the BSS and UCC community (and beyond) are very thankful that you shared your family with us. Congratulations to all the staff, faculty, students, musicians, artists, performers, and more, for putting on such an amazing production! Until next year!