Places to visit this Spring in Toronto

Elizabeth Bazal

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In Toronto, many incredible sites and historical communities can be visited. Here is a list of the top five places to see in Toronto during springtime.


  1. High Park


High Park is Toronto’s largest public park. There are many hiking trails, picnic areas, a zoo, and a stunning lakefront. High Park is full of wildlife and carries a wide range of species. This year, the High Park Nature Center is looking forward to the cherry blossoming predicted to occur between May 7th and May 9th. High Park is a destination for all ages!

  1. Distillery District

The Distillery District located on the premise of Chery, Front, and Parliament Street, dates back to the 19th century. The district is filled with historical buildings and sites. The area was once known to be a large whiskey distillery district. Over the past few years, the district has evolved into a space where boutiques, restaurants, and bars now live. The Distillery District attracts locals and tourists all around Toronto because of its reputation for fantastic art shows and performances. During December, the annual Toronto Christmas Market is celebrated along the streets of the Distillery District. Be sure to visit soon!


  1. Toronto Flower Market

At 1001 Queen Street West, Saturday May 12 and May 26th come out to the Toronto Flower Market! You will find florist artists, a buds cutting garden and crystal star orchids. The Toronto Flower Market is a great and fun way to see nature’s beautiful creations.


  1. Roncesvalles, Toronto

Reconsevalles is a neighbourhood located near King and Queen Street. The area is known to have a European embeance. It’s a great area to learn more about Toronto’s hidden aspects because Reconsavalles allows you to escape the big city. Many restaurants and boutiques can be found here. Visit Roncesvalles to familiarize yourself more with the taste of a “small-town life” located in a big city.


  1. Color Me Rad

On May 12, 2018, participate in a 5 km walk or run. If you love crazy sports day, you will love this event. Color Me Rad is an annual event that welcomes all ages and families. The event includes live DJ’s and music. To make the event more fun and enjoyable, there is colourful powder thrown into the air.