Success in Fall Athletics

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Success in Fall Athletics

Shelby Ochshorn

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With the winter break quickly approaching, now is a good time to reflect on the accomplishments of BSS’s sports teams so far. We can take pride in the amount of athletic successes we’ve had this year. Here’s a quick overview of some of our accomplishments:

First of all, the senior basketball team placed first in their tournament in Lennoxville, Québec, which they played from November 24th to November 27th. It took the team of nine girls three extra weeks of practice in order to prepare for this tournament. Throughout the season, the team’s goal was to grow as a team and improve on their skills. Avery Cho, a student in Grade 11, stated that the four day long trip was thrilling and uplifting. She said, “We lost our first three games, but came back and fought as a team, winning the next three, and overall coming first in Division II.” Avery’s experience was shaped by the members of her team and it was a fun bonding experience that was definitely worth the 8 hour trek to Lennoxville. Congrats to the Senior Girls Basketball team on coming first out of 15 senior girls teams from Ontario and Québec!

Top Row – Left to Right: Maggie Glass (11), Claire Simpson (12), Francesca Nervick (10), Kate Newell (11), Avery Cho (11), Maddy Van de Kamer (12), Natasha Jarman (11). Bottom Row – Left to Right: Zoe Solomon (12), Katie Sheldon (12).

The cross country team also went to OFSAA this past season and it was the first time BSS had won the Senior Girls Team title. Three teams competed, and there were 15 runners in total. Aleksa Gold, a Grade 11 student on the team, said that, “at the beginning of our season, our team had a goal of winning OFSAA. We set that goal last year during track season, and worked really hard to reach that goal.” In order to compete at OFSAA, each team member must have attended 16 BSS cross country practices, making this a challenging commitment that required determination. On November 5th, a total of five girls represented BSS and competed in OFSAA at Trinity College in Port Hope.

Aleksa gladly stated, “it was an amazing experience because we got to compete against the best runners in Ontario, and I am so proud of how we did, as we were able to win OFSAA together! As a team, we worked so hard to become the Senior Girls Champions, and it was an amazing feeling knowing that all our hard work paid off.” Kylee Raftis, Grade 12, finished 6th, the top score from BSS; Aleksa Gold, Grade 11, finished 10th; Miranda Thompson, Grade 12, finished 12th; and Julianna Manserra, Grade 12, finished 61st out of around 200 girls over a 5 km run. The BSS team finished over 130 points ahead of the team that placed second, truly showing their tremendous success.

Left to Right: Julianna Manserra (12), Aleksa Gold (11), Kylee Raftis (12), Katrina Whittaker-Lee (12), Miranda Thompson (12), Chloe Chu (11).

Overall, it can be seen that the BSS fall season of athletics was a memorable one, as multiple teams reached their goal and came together as a team. But remember that even if a BSS sports team didn’t make it to the finals, or didn’t make it to OFSAA, what really matters is the experience you get from playing, the skills you gain, and the memories you make as a team. Congrats to everyone who participated in Fall Athletics! BSS is proud of you for participating.