The highs and lows of skirt length

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The highs and lows of skirt length

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Everyone’s talking about the issue of students’ skirt length and discussing how unfair it is. There is no denying that people are definitely getting worked up about it. It is time we ask the question, what are we going to do about these skirts? To be honest, I do not know what all of the fuss is about!

Let me start by saying, it is a uniform. We are not going to semi, or shopping at Yorkdale. We are simply walking into school, sitting in chairs, and taking notes or a test. For goodness sake, what is wrong with a skirt that’s an appropriate length? I for one, do not see the problem.

Here are my top five thoughts and concerns during the week:

  1. How will I get up tomorrow morning?
  2. I have a Chemistry evaluation tomorrow, then a Geography quiz on Friday, and a Math evaluation next Tuesday.
  3. The complex trinomial factoring method is best used when you have a polynomial with…
  4. Is it day eight tomorrow or day one? Maybe it’s day four?
  5. Should I get Doritos or Ruffles chips for TAG tomorrow?

The skirt length issue didn’t show up on my list, and why should it show up anyways? I’m glad it did not. Why should it be on yours? Why should it be on anyone’s list? If it’s on yours, then clearly you know that there is something wrong with your skirt. If you would like to have a dispute with teachers, or other people, then go ahead, but may I remind you that skirt length is not worth it. Argue about something meaningful, like our lunch time, or the odd afternoon recreation we have this year.

How much time during the day do you think about your skirt? If the answer is often, then you are are allowing this issue to affect you more than it should. If you are rolling your waistband, tugging your skirt bottom down when going up the stairs or worrying if you are going to get caught by a teacher, you are spending too much time thinking about it. There are so many things going on around us in the world that we could be thinking of instead. Did you know that more than 15,000 scientists from 184 different countries are trying to issue a ‘warning to humanity’ about climate change? Or that scientists have started to figure out ways to make the mitochondria reverse in age so that humans can live longer? Despite all of these fascinating things that are taking place, our biggest debate is still skirt length!

I think we need re-focus and accept the skirt length that is required. We must move onto more important things that we care more deeply about. Then the teachers can put their rulers away and we can go back to relaxing in the halls. Let the teachers teach and hem this skirt issue once and for all.