Gun control: protection or harmful?

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How much loss will Americans need to go through until they come to the realization that they can put an end to one of the highest causes of death in their nation? Seemingly every month, another mass killing occurs somewhere in America – at a concert, a march, a church or a marathon – the venues vary, but the bodies continue to pile up.

Although guns can be used for recreational purposes or security, one cannot ignore the countless innocent lives lost due to mass shootings, ultimately leading me to believe that the United States should have implemented laws restricting the purchase and use of firearms long ago.

In the wake of such shootings, many American politicians have called for prayer and contemplation, as if these actions alone might save lives. Sadly, the prayers of the American people did not save the 58 concert-goers in Las Vegas, Nevada,  just as they did not save 49 lives in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Americans must be more proactive, taking the essential steps to halt such injustice.

Granted, the death toll, the shooter, and the location differs, but there is no denying the common thread between each incident: the easy access to the weapons which are used to cause these massacres. According to the most recent StatsCan report from 2012,  there was a total of 8,813 American murders involving firearms that year. Canada, in the same year, recorded 172 homicides that involved the use of a firearm as well.  Even taking into account the differences in population size, the discrepancy is staggering.  The other major distinction between these two nations is that most of the deaths in the US were caused by legal guns, while most of the Canadian homicides were caused by illegal and hard to obtain firearms.

In Canada, the approach to protecting the people of our nation is one of simplicity and intelligence as it promotes the removal of all guns. As a Canadian teenage girl, I feel at ease knowing that there is less of a chance that I, or anyone in my community, will be involved in the danger and subsequent loss that can be brought on by gun violence. In contrast the US appears to be aggressively defensive when addressing the issue. Rather than implementing a similar method to Canada, the US promotes the use of firearms to protect themselves from firearms. This approach appears to be somewhat redundant and has shown no progress in decreasing the amount of deaths caused by firearms in the United States. No citizen should have to live in fear, wondering if they will be the next victim to one of these cruel attacks.